Jacob Hiatt Magnet School Worcester, MA
Dedicated time for teacher collaboration enables teachers to constantly learn from each other and strengthen instruction. See how Jacob Hiatt teachers use instructional rounds to create a culture of continuous improvement focused on classroom observations and feedback.

Massachusetts ELT Schools
Frequent and focused teacher collaboration positively affects student achievement. See how expanded time schools use an expanded day to support numerous collaborative teacher team meetings that target and respond to student needs.

City Sprouts at Martin Luther King, Jr. School Cambridge, MA
See how the Martin Luther King, Jr. School, with the help of an outside partner, uses an expanded day to provide time for hands-on, project-based learning that develops students’ critical thinking skills.

Clarence Edwards Middle School Boston, MA
See how the expanded day at Edwards Middle School has enabled the school to offer students an array of visual and performing arts classes.

ELT Schools in Worcester, MA
In order to provide students with a well-rounded education, many expanded time schools partner with local organizations that can offer additional learning opportunities. See how a partnership with the local YMCA has allowed two expanded time schools to provide enriching learning opportunities for their students.

Jacob Hiatt Magnet School Worcester, MA
More time, used well, can lead to positive gains in student achievement. See how Jacob Hiatt Magnet School uses student data to establish a school-wide instructional focus and identifies best practices to improve teaching and learning.

Jacob Hiatt Magnet School Worcester, MA
Thinking, Writing, and Sharing at Jacob Hiatt Magnet School

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Silvia Elementary School, Massachusetts
An expanded school day enables schools to dedicate more time for rigorous core academic instruction. See how two expanded learning time schools schedule more time for quality math instruction.

Clarence Edwards Middle School Boston, MA
An expanded school day allows schools to deliver individualized student supports, but for some students, the expanded day is still not enough. See how the Edwards Middle School uses vacation weeks in February and April to provide another layer of targeted math and ELA support.

Clarence Edwards Middle School Boston, MA
An expanded schedule allows schools to serve the individual needs of their students. See how the Edwards Middle School uses the expanded day to provide additional periods of targeted, small group instruction in math, ELA, and science.


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